Gender Empowerment 性別空間

性別空間是一個服務跨性別社群的慈善團體。以「融入社會,共建和諧」為目的出發,為跨性別者提供支援服務,以達到社群自助互助。透過提供適切的資訊和資源,協助跨性別者在不同的性別過渡階段 (gender transition) 期間,適應其外表、身體、生活和社交上的轉變,鼓勵他們積極地以其自身的性別認同和性別表達去生活,並融入社會。

Gender Empowerment is a charitable organization (NGO) supporting the transgender community. “Integrate into society, building harmony” is our vision, so that members of the transgender community would be able to help themselves and one another. By providing the appropriate information and resources, we help trans individuals go through the different stages of their transition period, to adapt to the changes in their appearances, bodies, daily lives and social relationships. We encourage everyone, especially transgender or gender-variant individuals, to positively live with their gender identities and gender expressions, and integrate into the society.

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